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Multimedia Software Development

The first years of school are characterized by a ludic atmosphere that welcomes students into a warm and receptive ambience, with a careful mixture of leisure activities and serious objectives. Nonetheless, teachers of all educational levels tend to seek strategies to lower stress and keep students engaged and motivated.

TRIMATRIK can be helpful in this context by developing curriculum based multimedia software. These applications have native capabilities to show and interrelate textual descriptions, diagrams and photos (graphics), besides animation, videos and sounds. All these means once combined represent a large contact surface between the previous knowledge of the student and the new information, helping to favor assimilation. The availability of images, animations and sound makes it possible to explore the presentation of material under ludic perspectives, counterbalance boredom and maintain the level of attention. In other terms, the students are presented to the same core information, although it is deliberately disguised only to change their internal disposition towards the subject. Finally, software can be designed to enhance the interaction between students and the learning materials, by means of activities that demand several inputs of different types.

TRIMATRIK is developing multimedia educational software since 2006 and awarded champion by BASIS (Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services) in 2009 and ICT Division, Bangladesh in 2010.

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