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Multi Lingual Education (MLE)

TRIMATRIK took initiative to develop MLE software from Pre-school to class three of Chakma, Marma and Tripura languages. Pre-school level software of Chakma, Marma and Tripura already been completed initially and class one to class three of said language software are under developing. These interactive MLE software contains relevant sounds, colorful graphics and funny characters of their MLE books.

The uniqueness of these software is it enhances learning experiences of the pupils at classrooms or in house. We had tried to visualized every lesson to enhance the imagination capacity of the children to explore their creativities by colorful graphics, interesting animation, effective programming, and attractive sounds in their own languages with user friendly programming; and has six interactive evaluation systems individually to enrich learning process immediately. In that way, the contents of the subject matter can be access continuously, alternately and orderly. The multimedia MLE content also helps children learning to facilitate developing the language.

In a mother tongue-based MLE program, begin on the first step with children building their confidence and fluency in the oral mother tongue (speaking). Based on the foundation of oral language, children begin to read and write in their mother tongue and continue to develop oral mother tongue skills. Literacy activities must be meaningful to children linking them to their oral language.

Ethnic students’ enrolment in the primary school of Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHTs.) is apparently satisfactory but due to inaccessibility, dropout rate is higher than the national average. The medium of instruction and course curriculum of government, registered and most non-registered primary schools is in Bangla. For this reason, the young children, especially belonging to the remoter areas did not find their school interesting and have to face initial difficulties just after getting admission into the primary schools. As a result, though a good number of children get admitted into the school, the rate of school attendance is lower. National Curriculum Textbook Board (NCTB), Bangladesh has published MLE textbooks from Pre-school to Class Three in Chakma, Marma, Tripura, Garo and Sadri languages. Chakma, Marma and Tripura language based student lives in CHTs. But this initiative faces challenges in absence of adequate related language teachers; children of multiple language backgrounds are studying in the same school in a same class; ethnic teachers can't understand other community children's language rather than Bengali teacher etc.

The whole content of the MLE software is lubricating. Young learners are not mouth mere watcher here; they will be the part of the classroom by continuous clicking i.e. learning by doing, Tutoring systems based on dialogue with the student, appropriate to present factual information, takes into account the characteristics of the student following a pedagogical strategy for the transmission of knowledge. These include: linear programming, branching programs and tutorial environments.

Major characteristics of the mother tongue base interactive m-learning software are:

reinforcing concepts and knowledge

providing opportunities to practice and repeat concepts previously learned

supporting and motivating the child by providing immediate feedback and reinforcement

adapting to suit the needs of the auditory learner and the visual learner

helping to develop the child’s comprehension skills, and strengthening word recognition

abilities, through the use of interactive books.

effective and scalable for the teachers.

devise supportive lessons for pupils with specific learning needs.

allow children who are familiar with basic concepts to pursue enrichment activities

help in identifying the areas where a child needs support, as they can evaluate the child’s

progress, through the progress records

develop extension materials based on the activities in the programme


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