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Interactive E-learning Content Development

Developments in the IT field have led to the development and variety of e-learning objects so that students are found content based animation or gaming lessons beside their text books. In order to maintain the student’s interest, the current Learning Management Systems challenges refer to how to generate a dynamic content that automatically adapts to the a priori level of a student’s knowledge and behavior during lessons. Starting from the model student, the component of adaptive learning, TRIMATRIK aims to keep student motivation by designing interactive e-learning content related to the level of knowledge of the students. At the same time, lessons combine elements of gamification with quizzes, textual contexts and infographics in order to make the content more varied, and in order for the student to be more engaged, to assimilate, to understand or to recall the concepts presented in the course.

We’ve produced a range of different types of interactive content for our clients. Below are a couple of examples so that you can see how interactive content works in action.

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