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TRIMATRIK provide you infographics to take all of that dense textual information and convert it into an easy to read, highly visual piece of content that people are much more likely to read, understand, and remember. Plus, they’re highly shareable, so not only are they willing to explain a lot of information in a quick, accessible way, but they’re also ready and able to promote your brand.

Infographics supply you with a lot of info, all wrapped up in a stylish graphic. Infographics have been proven to be incredibly successful forms of communication, and brand promotion, so needless to say they’ve become pretty important to many digital marketers. Infographics are visual items, and humans are ‘visually wired’ creatures. In fact, 90% of the information transmitted to our brain is visual and humans process visual scenes about 60,000 times faster than they do text. Again, people only read and process about 28% of the text on web pages on average nowadays.

Infographic Design Services Can Help You

Improve SEO Rankings

Strong use of visual content like infographic design is proven to help boost SEO rankings for pages due to increased time on page, lower bounce rates, and other positive factors influencing Google’s algorithm

Improve Ad Performance

Click-through-rates (CTRs), ad engagement, and overall ad performance have been proven to increase through the utilization of custom infographic design.

Simplify a Complex Story or Data

Infographic design can take complex details of a company, product or process, as well as market research data, and bring them to life in a visual manner that will simplify things & educate your target viewer.

Get Major PR Exposure

Infographics are a powerful tool when it comes to pitching media outlets & acquiring major press coverage for brands.

Services Offered

Static Infographics

We create static infographics with such vibrant graphic elements and content placement that the resultant infographic looks like an art piece.

Animated Infographic

Our animation department creates animated infographics in the form of small videos or embedded GIFs that promise an engaging user experience


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