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MLE Classroom Model

TRIMATRIK had developed the Classroom Model of Mother Tongue based Multi Lingual Education for Primary education.

Traditional classroom with blackboard, chalk and duster will be exist.
Educational content (books, khata, pen etc.) also be used in classroom.
Mobile phone device or Tablet PC (Tab), Interactive MLE software and HD Television also be used with traditional resources as educational tools. These digital devices will be replaced instead of Computer/Laptop and Projector.
1 mobile phone devices/Tabs and a 36 inch HD TV equipment (where power supply available) will be used in the classroom for the primary school level.
A 8 inch Tab will be connected with the 36 inch HD Television by HDMI cable for bigger projection.
Teachers are more comfortable to use Tab rather than Computer or Laptop.
Teacher will operate the Tab by using text book based MLE software and students will see the content in the Television.


Affordable and Sustainable Digital Classroom (8"Tab & 36" Television)
User familiar & friendly
Interactive Classroom through Inter-participatory mother tongue based software (Chakma, Marma and Tripura languages)
Pleasant classroom
The teachers need simply know how to operate Tab and Television.
Short term (1 day) training of teachers
AC / DC and solar powered classrooms
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